Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Merge Nymphs v0.871 MOD

Merge Nymphs v0.871 MOD

Game Name: Merge Nymphs
Game Version: 0.871
Needs OBB: No
Needs Root: No
Playstore Link:Google Playstore

Heal all Available Fields after collect Hearts
Increasing Coins
Increasing Gems
Calendar Event cost 0

Note: Pls use the Nutaku APK for Tutorial. If u Take the Mod on the Last stage. It can appears a Error and your Account is useless. To avoid with Mod collect First 3 Hearts and then Tap on the statues to merge.

Install Steps:
1.Remove playstore version
2.Install mod APK
3.Play the game

Game Description:
**A long time ago, the lush world where the host country was invaded and polluted by monsters called Golems.

When they took over the flourishing land, the pollution brought them to a deep sleep. They have no chance against an army of monsters.

This is where you come, Lord of Fertility!
As you gradually wake up from your sleep, you realize that not only the world needs to be cleansed, but Nymph also needs to be awakened.

Explore and heal different areas and meet all that this world has to offer!
Feisty Forest Nymphs, mellow grass girls, star-filled Star Nymphs and many others are waiting for you.

Node Shell scattered throughout the land, collect them, merge and get new!

Use the Incubator to get more Shells and you'll get lucky faster!

Gather your army of Nymphs into magical abilities!